Colleen Cross

Colleen Cross is a trade magazine editor, proofreader and freelance writer based in Simcoe, Ontario, who is fascinated by Hollywood’s golden years.

Colleen has spent more than 15 years as a proofreader and editor developing content in print, digital, events, video, podcasts and social media for business-to-business brands that cater to the baking, pizza, and other hard-working industries.

She fell in love with classic film 40 years ago and especially enjoys the genres that flourished during the 1930s: screwball comedies, Astaire and Rogers musicals, gangster movies and Capra-esque dramas where the underdog triumphs.

Colleen loves going to yard sales with her sister, a skilled vintage treasure seeker, while keeping an eye out for anything that summons up Hollywood history, the arts and crafts movement or memories of a happy childhood spent surrounded by well-made, well-loved and interesting things.

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