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Member spotlight: Lindsay McMullen, Habit Vintage
Habit Vintage founder Lindsay McMullen. Photo: Habit Vintage

Member spotlight: Lindsay McMullen, Habit Vintage


Vintage Sellers Community member and reseller Lindsay McMullen shares how she started Habit Vintage and her best tip when scouring thrift shops

We’ll be regularly featuring members of the Vintage Sellers Community on our site and Lindsay McMullen, founder of Habit Vintage in Halifax, N.S. is up first!

Habit Vintage specializes in super-wearable, worn-in denim — especially Levi’s. So whether you’re looking for curve-hugging 512s or those elusive capital-E red-tab 501s, keep an eye on Lindsay’s covetable Instagram Story drops.

Get to know Lindsay below!

What is Habit Vintage all about?

Lindsay McMullen: Aesthetically speaking, Habit is like stepping into a time capsule — of multiple eras and locations. I want to evoke the warmth of the laid-back ’70s California beach bum, the chic minimalism and the je ne sais quoi of the perfectly disheveled French girl aesthetic, while staying true to the essence of coastal life in Nova Scotia.

What else should people know about Habit?

LM: I offer style bundles, which is very new and exciting for Habit. I source and style pieces to create personalized outfits based on style wishes and measurements. Everything I bundle is vintage, so the outfits will be one-of-a-kind and kind for the planet.

Jeans folded on rack with coats hanging and Habit Vintage bag
Photo: Habit Vintage

What’s the first moment you remember having a passion for vintage? What happened?

LM: The inspiration behind Habit came from my early love of thrifting, which my mother instilled in me. I have a lot of great memories of popping into Frenchys [Guy’s Frenchys, a thrift store] during family road trips around Nova Scotia. My mom taught me how to sift through bins and what types of materials and designers to look out for.

In high school, I would spend a chunk of my weekend job earnings at the local thrift shops trying to replicate outfits I’d seen in a TV show or magazine. A few years ago, I realized the demand for vintage online was on the rise.

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It was a spur-of-the-moment decision after also realizing my thrifting *habit* had gotten a bit out of control and I needed to downsize my closet. I thought about how I’d love to share some of my vintage finds. Voila! Habit was born. I signed up for an Instagram account, announced I’d created a new page and sort of left it up to fate!

Why do you think shoppers should consider vintage?

LM: I believe in sustainable fashion and doing what we can for Earth. When you choose to shop secondhand, you are being kinder to the planet.

Levi's jeans on floor with black cowboy boot from Habit Vintage
Photo: Habit Vintage

What’s your best secondhand shopping tip?

LM: My biggest tip for people who are new to secondhand shopping is to check every rack — all sizes and menswear. Oftentimes I find the best linens and silks, blazers and jeans in the men’s, including most of the vintage Levi’s I’ve collected.

My main collector obsession is vintage denim, specifically Levi’s. I’ve collected and sold over 100 pairs and have around 30 pairs in my personal collection today. I could talk about the history of Levi tabs all day, but I’ll save that for another time!

Photo: Habit Vintage

Where can customers find you?

On Instagram and TikTok, both @habitvintage.

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