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Member spotlight: Megan Harris, Wild Ways Vintage
Megan Harris, founder of Wild Ways Vintage. Photo: Wild Ways Vintage

Member spotlight: Megan Harris, Wild Ways Vintage


Vintage Sellers Community member, vintage hunter and upcycler Megan Harris shares her styling philosophy

We’re highlighting members of the Vintage Sellers Community on our site and are happy to introduce you to Megan Harris, founder of Wild Ways Vintage.

Wild Ways Vintage settles squarely in what Megan says is a “vintage bohemian” style that heavily draws on super-wearable 1970s pieces, like embroidered blouses, shearling jackets and chunky knits. The shop’s cozy-chic, country-meets-cool aesthetic befits its location in prairie province Alberta.

Get to know Megan below!

What is Wild Ways Vintage all about?

Megan Harris: Wild Ways Vintage offers an array of vintage bohemian styles, with a focus on the 1970s.  Our garments can easily be incorporated into the modern closet for everyday wear.

Vintage clothing from Wild Ways Vintage hanging on rack
Photo: Wild Ways Vintage

What else should people know about Wild Ways?

MH: In addition to selling vintage, we offer personal style boxes. We also have a downloadable PDF called “How to Slow Fashion” for help with everything from closet audits, to honing your personal style, and 50 per cent of download sales go to PayUp Fashion.

Our “Second Nature” Skillshare course helps individuals who are new to the idea of shopping secondhand.

We offer one-of-a-kind garments — Wild Ways Vintage original designs — sewn from rescued vintage textiles, using patterns I create to highlight the beauty of each specific fabric.

Upcycled creations from vintage fabrics from Wild Ways Vintage
Photo: Wild Ways Vintage

What's the first moment you remember having a passion for vintage? What happened?

MH: I remember watching my grandmother, who was a seamstress, alter thrifted garments to create her dream closet. She taught me how to sew at a very young age. This empowered me to see the potential in secondhand clothing, and to trust that my creativity could give a tired garment new life.

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Why do you think shoppers should consider buying vintage?

MH: Vintage does it better! Shopping vintage not only helps support a small business, it also helps support our earth. Vintage garments were sewn using quality materials and with longevity in mind. Their often-generous seam allowance can mean they are easier to alter to match our changing bodies or style preferences.

Vintage clothing white lace hanging from rack Wild Ways Vintage
Photo: Wild Ways Vintage

What’s your best styling tip?

MH: I LOVE using vintage pieces to create contrast in an outfit! A vintage motorcycle jacket paired with a floral dress, or vintage military pants with a ’70s blouse. You can mix vintage and modern, or mix vintage eras to create amazing combos!

What do you collect?

MH: I’m obsessed with wicker and rattan furniture. I have collected a number of pieces over the years — chairs, a couch, wall art, basket walls, foot stools, room dividers, etc.

I’ve learned to rationalize this ever-growing collection by reminding myself that in an apocalyptic scenario, we could always burn these pieces for warmth! (And I could then put the fire out with my tears!)

Embroidered vintage shirt cuff closeup Wild Ways Vintage
Photo: Wild Ways Vintage

What piece do you love the most?

MH: I bought a vintage denim apron about 15 years ago with the name “Priscilla” on the front. It is my shop apron, and I often don’t even notice I’m wearing it — it’s like a second skin! It’s super handy to wear when I’m working on projects and need pocket space for notions or tools.

Where can customers find you?

MH: Instagram @wildwaysvintage, and occasionally on TikTok & Twitter. I sell vintage through my website, with a few listings on Etsy as well.

Have a question or comment for Megan at Wild Ways Vintage? Let us know in the comments below!

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