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Photo: Civan D./Pexels
Photo: Civan D./Pexels
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A deep dive on sourcing and selling: Workshop replay


Tracking inventory, batch listing, cross-posting: having an online resale business requires being organized. Find out how a vintage seller-market host does it all in this session for the Vintage Sellers Community

Ever wanted to take a peek into how another seller runs their shop? How about one who is crushing her listing and selling — part time?

Julianne Cragg manages Three Parrots Curated Vintage on the side of her day job, parenting and extracurricular activities. She also runs the Capital City Vintage Market at least four times a year in Edmonton.

Wondering what systems she has in place to manage it all? In this session, Julianne dug into how she finds and moves product for her fellow members of the Vintage Sellers Community.

She showed us how she buys, lists, sells and manages her business on Etsy, eBay and Instagram, from batching listings and cross-posting to setting up sustainable systems.

Watch the replay inside the Vintage Sellers Community — and get Julianne's sales tracking sheet!

Thank you to Julianne Cragg at Three Parrots Curated Vintage for this presentation and for sharing your sales tracker, which can be used to log income and expenses.

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