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Photo: Rachel Claire/Pexels
Photo: Rachel Claire/Pexels
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Building local partnerships: Workshop replay


Hosting vintage markets and collaborative events requires support services like food and beverage vendors, sponsors and local partners. This Vintage Sellers Community session digs into how to make it all happen

Whether you are a market organizer, a wannabe market host, or you just want to work more collaboratively with local partners that complement your shop, building relationships is a key part of the process.

Brigid Milway from What, These Old Things? has successfully built the Curio Collective market series in Halifax by bringing on not just vintage vendors to exhibit but a variety of local partners: among them food and beverage providers, photo booths and on-site alterations.

She also has secured show sponsorship from Downtown Halifax, and this year partnered with a local hotel to offer group rates for show participants.

Brigid Milway, What, These Old Things?

Brigid led her fellow members of the Vintage Sellers Community through a session to uncover how she's built these local partnerships over the years, from outreach to negotiating contracts to promotion.

Watch the replay inside the Vintage Sellers Community — and get a list of tips on pitching to vendors and sponsors!

Big thanks to Brigid Milway from What, These Old Things? for this super helpful session on building up a market series through relationships!

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