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Mood, language and messaging are what make up your brand tone. Photo: Işıl/Pexels
Mood, language and messaging are what make up your brand tone. Photo: Işıl/Pexels
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How to develop a brand tone for your vintage or resale shop


How to start using language and messaging to craft a "tone" for your shop that speaks directly to your customers, with specific-to-resale examples inside the Vintage Sellers Community

In our multi-part branding series, we've so far covered what brand voice is, and how to uncover your shop values, establish your shop's mission and define your unique selling proposition.

Now that you have all of these values that drive your shop's brand in mind, you can use them to talk to your ideal customer.

Your brand voice is partly yours — that’s where your mission, values and unique selling proposition come in — and it’s partly theirs (your customers!). As much as your shop is an extension of you, it’s also an extension of your customers' personalities and values.

We use the information we developed through our customer persona exercises to determine the language style and messaging that would most appeal to our prospective customers. That's brand tone.

So how do you decide what your "tone" will be? We're going to walk you through it!

What is brand tone?

In the world of branding, "tone" refers to the emotional quality, attitude and style of communication that a brand uses to engage with its audience. It's like the personality of your shop shining through ALL of your communications. That’s not just social media.

It’s promo emails, newsletters, captions, listing text, blog posts, website copy, even the way you speak to your audience when you’re casually hopping on a Facebook Live or a Whatnot sale. 

Tone shapes how people perceive and connect with your shop. 

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