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Photo: Aline Viana Prado/Pexels
Photo: Aline Viana Prado/Pexels
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Streamline social selling: Workshop replay


If you're overwhelmed about social media scheduling, or you want to learn why it might be useful for your shop, check out this Vintage Sellers Community session

Are you manually drafting product posts and posting them on the fly — even for your collection drops? This can lead to tech problems and a frustrating, frantic drop. Posting your items and engaging with customers on social should be fun!

Sarah Israel from Dwelling on the Past uses Meta's Business Suite tools to streamline the selling process. When Sarah’s not running her shop or organizing the Toronto Holiday Market series, she’s a freelance content strategist and copywriter and has worked with clients across sectors including Trove Fashion, Hootsuite, Starbucks, Blackbird Fabrics and the Government of Ontario.

Sarah Israel, Dwelling on the Past

In this workshop, Sarah talks to her fellow Vintage Sellers Community members about her listing process from photography to data management.

Then she takes us into Business Suite and the Content Planner to share how she schedules and uses the platform to track comments and engagement for her vintage shop. Best of all, Meta's tool is free — no fancy social media scheduling platforms needed.

Watch the replay inside the Vintage Sellers Community!

Thank you for this info-packed session, Sarah Israel! You can watch the recording below.

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