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11 vintage and pre-loved jewellery shops in Canada
Photo: Emma London Vintage

11 vintage and pre-loved jewellery shops in Canada


A curated list of vintage and pre-loved jewellery sellers

Shop for someone special (including yourself!) at these Canadian vintage and pre‑loved jewellery sellers.

Tip: Be sure to check measurements, especially if you are seeking bracelets and rings. Sometimes items may be able to be sized to fit you, but it can be challenging (or even impossible) to modify vintage pieces.

Note: We opt for “jewellery,” but in store names we stick to whatever the seller uses.

St. Eloi Fine Vintage Jewelery



Named after the patron saint of goldsmiths, this shop sells high‑impact vintage jewellery and is run by Toronto local Carly Braden, who is a goldsmith herself. There are plenty of showstoppers here, but a “$500 and under” section showcases more affordable pieces. Ships worldwide.

Emma London Vintage



Jewellery is the main event for this Ottawa‑area seller, who also offers clothing and decor. Emma models the pieces herself so it’s easy to get an idea of what the jewellery looks like on. Ships worldwide.




What you see on Instagram is a tiny fraction of the large selection in the Hamilton, Ont. store, which is packed to the brim with accessories, clothes and sparkly things. Vintagesoulgeek also frequents vintage and antiques markets in the GTHA region. Ships worldwide.

Moutiques Vintage Jewelry



Vintage and contemporary pieces rub shoulders at this Edmonton‑based shop with something for everyone. Free shipping within Canada, and free shipping over $35 to the U.S.

100 Ways



Fine vintage and pre‑loved jewellery are beautifully presented by this Vancouver‑based shop. The company buys pieces that may otherwise be melted down, then authenticates every item. Ships to Canada and the U.S., with free shipping within Canada on orders over $250.

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April Faith Vintage



Bold pieces are on deck at April Faith, a Burlington, Ont.—based shop that favours ‘80s earrings, big charm bracelets, pearls and plenty of sparkle. Also stocks some home decor and kitchenware. Ships worldwide.

Memento et Auri


This Canadian seller has a wide range of vintage and pre‑loved jewellery available in various metals, but Gabby does have a particular taste for jewelled rings and delicate bands of all styles and sizes. DM to purchase.

La Osa Jewelry & Vinta



Artist Pamela Osa’s Stratford, Ont. shop is a beautiful collection of vintage clothing and jewellery. In addition to vintage pieces (like those pictured), Pamela creates her own modern jewellery pieces that either use reworked materials or are inspired by vintage designs. Ships worldwide.




Fine vintage jewellery from this Vancouver‑based seller includes delicate rings, dainty bracelets and buzzworthy brooches. Rare stones like jade and emerald are in steady rotation at the shop. Ships worldwide.




Eye candy from this Cambridge, Ont. shop includes estate, vintage and antique jewellery. An “Under $500” section on the website highlights more affordable finds, and there’s also an “upcycled” collection with modern pieces made from vintage materials. Ships worldwide.

Lady Luck Vintage



This Nova Scotia—based seller holds weekly Instagram Live drops featuring a variety of brooches, charms, rings, necklaces, earrings and more, many in their original boxes. Ships worldwide.

What are your favourite vintage and pre-loved jewellery shops? Let us know in the comments!

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