Kristina Urquhart

A longtime lover of all things old, some of Kristina’s earliest memories are of languid summer days at a Northwestern Ontario cottage bursting with 1960s Scandinavian textiles, and of snowy winter nights sharing holiday meals with family over what she didn’t know at the time to be vintage Iittala Ultima Thule tableware.

Growing up in a northern town, Kristina didn’t see much vintage aside from inside the homes of her grandparents. But years later, after graduating from Carleton University’s journalism program, she fell in love with some ad exec named Don Draper (his apartment, more specifically) and it was all over. Why be stuck in the 2010s when you could live like Betty and Megan? (Minus the misogyny, of course.)

While Kristina spent more than 15 years as an editor developing content in print, digital, events, video, podcasts and social media for B2B and B2C brands in the arts, design, manufacturing, technology and retail sectors, she simultaneously curated a sizeable museum of vintage and thrifted curios for her home and closet.

Midcentury modern (thanks, Don!), ’70s bohemian, Hollywood Regency, ’60s pop art, ’80s power blazers and acid-wash jeans, ’90s art-teacher smocks, vintage kitsch, upcycled antiques, tropical Art Deco, Scandi style and grandmotherly florals don’t seem like they should all go together? Come on over to Kristina’s place.

During the dark, doom-scrolling days of 2020 when Kristina was stuck searching for vintage from her couch, she had an idea for an online space inside the exploding resale market that would bring information to independent resellers and their customers. She launched The Vintage Seeker in April 2021 and followed with the Vintage Sellers Community in October 2022.

As an advocate for resellers and a consumer herself, Kristina connects the worlds of buying and selling with educational content that shows people where they can find sustainable secondhand stuff, and that helps sellers reach more secondhand shoppers.

When she’s not roaming a local vintage market alongside her own ad man* or growing The Vintage Seeker and the Vintage Sellers Community, Kristina runs a monthly film club and works on projects around her 1940s-era home.

*husband, total coincidence that he once sold ads

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