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Member spotlight: Joann Pierre, My Petite Suite
Joann Pierre, founder, My Petite Suite. Photo: My Petite Suite

Member spotlight: Joann Pierre, My Petite Suite


Vintage Sellers Community member and reseller Joann Pierre shares how she got into refinishing and reimagining vintage furniture, and her best tip for upcycling

We regularly highlight members of the Vintage Sellers Community on our site and we’re happy to introduce you to Joann Pierre, owner of My Petite Suite in White Rock, B.C.

Joann has always been artistic, having worked as a children’s librarian who staged puppet shows with handcrafted backgrounds. Now she’s a DIYer and artist who sources and restyles vintage furniture and decor in a French country-meets-seaside-cottage style.

Get to know Joann below!

What is My Petite Suite all about?

Joann Pierre: I use vintage windows and frames and paint them to resemble stained glass. My Petite Suite offers unique vintage furniture, jewelry boxes, tea sets, candle holders, mirrors — all painted, decoupaged and embellished with furniture transfers and stencils.

What else should people know about your shop?

JP: I do commission work and I sell on consignment!

Decoupage mirror with florals by My Petite Suite
Photo: My Petite Suite

What’s the first moment you remember having a passion for vintage? What happened?

JP: I used to pass by a consignment store every day on my way to work. One day there was this stunning cabinet in the window. It was chalk-painted in an antique white and slightly distressed.

I went in to have a closer look and fell in love. I bought it on the spot and had it delivered. From then on I was on a mission to learn everything I could about chalk painting and upcycling furniture.

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Why do you think shoppers should consider vintage?

JP: Vintage is usually of a quality no longer found in today’s modern decor. Often it is so unique that no one else will have it. And it’s a way to keep lovely items out of the landfill.

Painted nightstand with floral stencil by My Petite Suite
Photo: My Petite Suite

What’s behind the name My Petite Suite?

JP: I live in a tiny little suite below my daughter’s family. My Petite Suite was the perfect name for my new adventure in upcycling.

Where can customers find you and how can they buy your items?

JP: On Instagram @mypetitesuitehomedecor, on Facebook and in store at Cottage Living By the Sea, in White Rock, B.C.

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