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Member spotlight: Kara & Dan Bowles, reDiscovered on Marsh
Kara and Dan Bowles, founders of reDiscovered on Marsh. Photos courtesy reDiscovered on Marsh

Member spotlight: Kara & Dan Bowles, reDiscovered on Marsh


Vintage Sellers Community members, antique aficionados and collectors Kara & Dan Bowles have curated a vintage boutique in Ontario's Beaver Valley region

We periodically highlight members of the Vintage Sellers Community and are excited to introduce you to Kara & Dan Bowles, founders of reDiscovered on Marsh.

The couple have been in the antiques business for over 30 years, primarily operating as Bowles Hilltop Antiques.

When the opportunity came along to rent a storefront in Clarksburg, Ont., they opened reDiscovered on Marsh, where their Bowles Hilltop Antiques collection resides alongside vintage furniture and decor galore. Daughter Hanna also maintains a booth inside the shop for her business, Dusted Rose Vintage.  

The storefront gives Kara a chance to show off her merchandising talents: a cut flower peeking out of an antique pulley, a veritable rainbow of vintage volumes on a rustic wood bookcase, a brightly patterned quilt hanging over the door of a Canadiana cabinet.

“I have a passion for antique textiles,” says Kara. “I have a large quilt collection, and I like to focus on colour, Mennonite quilts, log cabins. I also love hooked rugs — another folk art tradition mainly created by women. The more unique the pattern the more I love it!”

Get to know Kara and Dan below!

What is reDiscovered on Marsh Antique & Vintage all about?

We are reDiscovered on Marsh Antique and Vintage where we focus on a curated experience: Canadiana, furniture, art, glass, quilts, hooked rugs, pottery, automobilia, advertising and the unique!  

We are also the promoters of the Thornbury Antique Show, happening August 12 & 13, 2023 with 25 dealers. Shameless plug!

A red antique storage bench topped with black antique chest and vintage art on the white clapboard walls at reDiscovered on Marsh
Photo: reDiscovered on Marsh

What makes your in-store experience special for shoppers?

We love to keep the shop current and are constantly redesigning the space in order to showcase our merchandise to its greatest potential.

We focus on a curated experience. Our shop is set up in vignettes, where we hope you will see how these wonderful antique and vintage pieces can be enjoyed in your home as well.

Dan is a car guy. He has two vintage cars, and our ‘automobilia’ room is full of advertising and related articles that he loves.

A pair of vintage bentwood rattan chairs with red cushions and vintage floral art on the wall in behind at reDiscovered on Marsh
Photo: reDiscovered on Marsh

What's the first moment you remember having a passion for vintage? What happened?

I (Kara) grew up going to auction sales and garage sales with my dad. But I think it was when my husband Dan and I moved into our first home together, and decided that the quality of antique furniture was the way to go!

It didn’t take long for us to fill our wee cottage and to start to sell some of our finds on the side.


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Why do you think shoppers should consider vintage?

Quality. Period. These items have already demonstrated that they can stand the test of time, why should you buy new? There are already enough items on our planet that can be used. Buy unique!

Antique workbench with antique boxes underneath, vintage fishing paintings on the wall, and two rows of well-worn leather catcher's gloves on wall at reDiscovered on Marsh
Photo: reDiscovered on Marsh

What’s a cool antiques fact you want to share with the crowd?

Cornflower glass etched by WJ Hughes is a Canadian success story. Any etched flower is sometimes incorrectly marked cornflower, but it needs to have 12 petals and a fringed edge.

The striking floral pattern was developed in 1912 by a young glass-cutter named William John Hughes. The Dufferin-born artisan grew his tableware creations into a national brand that has been enjoyed by Canadian families for over a century.

It was also etched on coloured glass during the depression era and these pieces are cherished by collectors.

Favourite item you’ve ever found?

It’s so hard to choose just one! But I am going to say it is a small Canadiana chest hand-painted with bluebirds on it that I have always loved. I waited five hours at an auction sale for it, and was determined it was coming home with me. It sits in my living room where I can see it every day and it makes me happy!

Vintage black leather wingback chair inside reDiscovered on Marsh with martini glasses on side table and patterned quilt in background
Photo: reDiscovered on Marsh

Where do you shop for vintage yourself?

We buy through many venues — the store seems to have brought many clients who have things they wish to sell or who are downsizing. But auctions have always been a passion. That being said, there are many, many antique stores that I love to frequent —  the small shops are the best!

Where can customers find you?

We are located at 179 Marsh Street, in beautiful Clarksburg Ont., but we also sell from our website and through Instagram and Facebook.

Kara and Dan also exhibit at several area markets: in addition to being the promoters of the Thornbury Antique Show in Thornbury, Ont., they occasionally pop up at Aberfoyle Antique Market in Puslinch, Ont.

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