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The Vintage Seeker launches new industry platform for sellers
Photo: Alyssa Rose/Pexels

The Vintage Seeker launches new industry platform for sellers


The Vintage Sellers Community offers support from sourcing to sales

With the value of the global secondhand market set to double over the next five years, a new online community by The Vintage Seeker supports vintage and antiques sellers by fostering industry connections and delivering targeted business resources.

The Vintage Sellers Community debuted Oct. 5. The online space was created for sellers to share knowledge, find collaborators, access resources and get support to operate or grow their businesses.

What’s inside

Inside the community, members receive access to expert insight, exclusive content and a private discussion forum to connect and collaborate away from customers, develop best practices, share resources and deepen their business and product knowledge.

“Now is the right time for a B2B community that’s specific to independent sellers,” says Kristina Urquhart, founder of The Vintage Seeker.

“Our platform not only connects sellers with one another away from the algorithms, but serves as a springboard for the entire group to continue developing their collective voice as an industry — one that offers a more personalized, local shopping experience than big-brand resale marketplaces.”

Market growing rapidly

The resale market has exploded in recent years, spurred by an increase in online shopping during the pandemic and heightened consumer interest in sustainable shopping solutions.

U.S.-based secondhand clothing retailer thredUP estimates that the global secondhand apparel market will be worth $218 billion in 2026, an increase of 127 per cent over a period of five years.

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Growth has hit the decor and furnishings market, too: secondhand furniture retailer Chairish predicts the U.S. resale home furnishings market will increase 30 per cent by 2027.

‘New era for retail’

The Vintage Sellers Community is hosted on an intuitive, searchable online platform that houses discussions, community resources and event recordings in one place.

“With the ongoing climate crisis and human rights violations at fast-fashion retailers, plus an increasing desire for individuality and sustainability at the consumer level, the vintage and resale market is having a moment. I believe that moment is here to stay. Our community is here to support sellers as they navigate this new era for retail,” says Urquhart.

“I’ve been encouraged by the early support of this initiative among our members, and can’t wait to watch this group work together to grow their businesses and keep spreading their shared love for secondhand.”

How to join

For additional information on the Vintage Sellers Community and to learn more about what’s inside this group at the forefront of the resale industry, visit vintagesellerscommunity.ca.

The Vintage Seeker, which primarily operates on Instagram and thevintageseeker.ca, is a Canadian-managed resource hub, news source and online community for vintage and antiques sellers, thrifters, shoppers and supporters of the secondhand economy, trusted for its deep insight into the Canadian resale market.

As an advocate for education on this fast-growing industry, The Vintage Seeker supports small, independently owned businesses through editorial content, webinars and virtual events.

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