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Workshop: Join us Aug. 16 for Vintage Vendor Booth Merchandising Tips & Tricks
Merchandising your vintage market booth takes practice, and The Retail Duo is here to help. Photo: Esra Korkmaz/Pexels

Workshop: Join us Aug. 16 for Vintage Vendor Booth Merchandising Tips & Tricks


Retail consultants Karen Kritzer and Diane Spiridoulias of The Retail Duo join the Vintage Sellers Community August 16 to share how resellers can spiff up their market and mall booths

Do you want your vendor booth to be a stand-out at markets or at the antique mall, attract more customers and drive sales?

The Retail Duo is joining the Vintage Sellers Community to show you how!

Vintage Vendor Booth Merchandising Tips & Tricks

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

12 pm ET/9 am PT

Karen Kritzer and Diane Spiridoulias operate The Retail Duo, a retail consulting firm that specializes in merchandising, styling, branding and online marketing to help businesses better their brand voice and showcasing their products and services.

The Retail Duo has been invited to speak at various conferences throughout Canada and the USA. Post-pandemic, they've been partnering with business associations and entrepreneurs to support growth and to support with training resources.

Diane has over two decades of industry experience, encompassing multiple aspects of retail in North America. With a passion for retail, Diane has been the driving force of visual presentation, marketing strategies and creative direction for many retail brands.

For the past 12 years, Diane has shared her knowledge and experience gained in the industry with her students in the Visual Merchandising Arts program at Sheridan College.

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With 22 years of retail experience working with top brands and independent retailers, Karen shares her passion for store design, merchandising and styling with clients. After working for IKEA’s Communication & Interior Design team, she became an instructor within the Visual Merchandising Arts Program at Sheridan College.

Photo of Karen Kritzer and Diane Spiridoulias on couch
Karen Kritzer (left) and Diane Spiridoulias (right), The Retail Duo. Photo: The Retail Duo

In this session, The Retail Duo will demonstrate clever strategies in vendor booth design that will attract customers, activate the senses and drive sales. The Retail Duo will take a deeper dive into multiple merchandising best practices to spark your creativity as vintage vendors and resellers.

This session will leave you feeling inspired and ready to apply these practical design and merchandising tips and tricks to your own booth and market environments.

Bring your questions for Karen & Diane!

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