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Workshop: Join us Jul. 19 for Be the CFO of Your Shop: Cash Flow & Financial Planning
Find out ways to tuck more pennies into your change purse with a financial plan for your vintage shop. Photo: cottonbro studio/Pexels

Workshop: Join us Jul. 19 for Be the CFO of Your Shop: Cash Flow & Financial Planning


Financial expert April Stroink joins the Vintage Sellers Community July 19 to share how resellers can manage cash flow and plan for their financial future

Tracking income and expenses for your resale shop is fairly straightforward, but how do you manage the cash flow, plan for future expenses and *pay yourself*?

Have you taken a critical look at what your inventory costs are versus what you're selling? Need help figuring out what expenses to prioritize?

We're excited to welcome financial expert April Stroink to the Vintage Sellers Community to talk you through all of it.

Be the CFO of Your Shop: Cash Flow & Financial Planning

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

12 pm ET/9 am PT

Tickets: $15 (free for Vintage Sellers Community members)

After pulling her family business out of debt, April Stroink has spent the past 20 years as a financial advisor. She managed multiple investment teams throughout Atlantic Canada for a national finance company. She's got retail experience, too: she was the owner and operator of a successful Halifax retail operation.

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Now, April's a money coach: a supportive guide to help entrepreneurs understand their finances. She's also a certified Profit First Professional, and as part of that designation teaches an approach to cash flow that will help you put profit first in your business.

Financial expert April Stroink in a yellow striped sweater and polka dot scarf smiling for camera
April Stroink, money coach. Photo: April Stroink

In this session, April will show you how to become the CFO (chief financial officer!) of your shop by walking through how to implement a profit-first cash management system. You'll also receive a workbook so you can implement the learnings right away.

Bring your questions for April!

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