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Workshop: Join us May 22 for Managing Your Emotional & Nervous Systems as a Seller
Join us May 22 for a session on managing your mental health as an entrepreneur. Photo: cottonbro studio/Pexels

Workshop: Join us May 22 for Managing Your Emotional & Nervous Systems as a Seller


It’s Mental Health Month, and mindset coach Rachel Molenda joins the Vintage Sellers Community May 22 for a session designed to manage your mental state as a hard-working, vintage-slingin' entrepreneur

It's that time of the year where life is “lifin'” and sales season is in full swing. You are juggling all the things small business and life.

But when you are overwhelmed, stressed and teetering on the edge of burnout, it can be difficult to manage your responses to everything that's around you.

You might become more frustrated with your family, friends, customers and yourself. You might feel like just about anything could trigger tears. Or you might become withdrawn and disassociate just to get through it. Choose your coping mechanism!

That's where emotional and nervous system regulation comes in.

It's Mental Health Month and we are excited to welcome Rachel Molenda, mindset coach, motivational speaker for entrepreneurs and DJ, to the Vintage Sellers Community.

Balancing Act: Managing Your Emotional & Nervous Systems as a Seller

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

12 pm ET/9 am PT

On May 22, mindset coach Rachel Molenda will join the Vintage Sellers Community for an inspiring session designed to prevent burnout.

Yes, social media, email marketing and sales are important, but your business will only ever do as well as you feel.

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As "DJ Rae" and a mindset coach whose approach is like if Diplo and Tony Robbins had a baby, Rachel uses music, dance and online and offline coaching experiences to help people remember their power and catapult them into doing the damn thing they were born to do during their lifetime.

She's known for her sessions helping entrepreneurs, especially women, who have fallen prey to burnout and self-doubt.

Rachel is also the creator of the REUNION — an ecstatic dance party for women designed to help them remember who they really are.

Rachel's been featured in HuffPost, Canadian Living, Best Health and CHCH.

Rachel Molenda, mindset coach. Photo courtesy Rachel Molenda

What to expect in this session:

  • What happens to your emotional and nervous systems when you are a small-biz owner wearing all the hats
  • An interactive embodiment journey where you will learn various tools to support your nervous system and your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health as an entrepreneur
  • Strategies for handling triggers to your emotional and nervous systems so you can walk away feeling a sense of peace and balance
  • Rachel's tried-and-true four-step "Well Method" for entrepreneurs
  • A fun, safe space to share

By the end of the session, you will have all of the tools you need to manage the ups and downs of entrepreneurship to ultimately thrive as both business owner and secondhand seller.

Join us over your lunch, breakfast or break and bring your questions for Rachel!

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