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Workshop: Join us Nov. 23 to learn about how to create customized graphics for your shop
Creating customized graphics for your vintage or resale shop can help you stand out online. Photo: Chuotanhls/Pexels

Workshop: Join us Nov. 23 to learn about how to create customized graphics for your shop


Web designer and reseller Frances Maychak joins the Vintage Sellers Community Nov. 23 to share how customized graphics make a big impact for your shop — and how you can DIY the process

Standing out online, whether in a social media feed, a website landing page or an email, is an important part of making your shop memorable to customers. Even if you mostly sell in person, a well-crafted look for your social media and landing page will make an impression when buyers are trying to find you.

As small, often solo businesses, hiring out graphic design might not be something you're able to do right away. So how can you get the custom look on your own? The answer is usually templates on Canva — except, when everyone's using the templates, it's no longer a customized look that feels individual to you and your business.

Standing Out Online: How to Create Customized Graphic Templates for Your Shop

Thursday, November 23, 2023

12 pm ET/9 am PT

On Nov. 23, web designer, founder of Frances May Design, and co-founder of Lucky Duck Thrift Frances Maychak will join the Vintage Sellers Community to discuss the process of creating your own customized templates for social media, website, email etc. while remaining authentic to yourself and your brand.

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Frances is a custom website creator who loves helping people represent themselves authentically online. She designs and builds websites on Wordpress, with a focus on beautiful, unique designs and powerful user experiences.

Before becoming a web designer and founding Frances May Design, Frances worked in advocacy and social support services in the Ontario family law courts and at the McGill campus sexual assault centre. She's looking forward to working with the Vintage Sellers Community to help members elevate their online brands with custom social media templates, and plans to use some of our member shops as examples in her presentation.

Frances Maychak. Photo: Frances May Design

This workshop will come in handy as you are already underway with the busy holiday season — you'll come away with some tips on making templates your own, so you can get posting ASAP.

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