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Workshop: Join us May 17 for Minding Your Business: A Conversation on Mental Health & Wellness
Irina Varanovich

Workshop: Join us May 17 for Minding Your Business: A Conversation on Mental Health & Wellness


Mental health consultant Martina Kelades joins the Vintage Sellers Community May 17 to suggest strategies for self-employed shop owners to manage their mental wellness

Do you ever feel like you struggle to manage your reselling business with all of the other things going on in your life? Chances are you have a lot of obligations in addition to your shop: another job(s), school, family, health, friends, home...the list goes on.

As entrepreneurs of small businesses, we play an essential role within our communities and make significant contributions to the Canadian economy. Yet, the Canadian Mental Health Association reports that one in five (21%) entrepreneurs feel satisfied with their mental health less than once a week.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Vintage Sellers Community is thrilled to host this upcoming event with mental health consultant Martina Kelades to help you prioritize wellness on your entrepreneurial journey.

Minding Your Business: Mental Health & Wellness for Sellers

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
7 pm AT/6 pm ET/4 pm PT

Minding Your Business is an interactive session to have and hold safe conversations around entrepreneur wellness and find meaningful ways to incorporate mental health and wellness strategies within our businesses to better care of ourselves so that we can, more effectively, take care of business.

Our presenter for this session is Martina Kelades, a multi-passionate artist located in Halifax. She is a vulnerability speaker in mental health, an actress, author, podcast host on the Life Out Loud Podcast, and CEO and founder of Life Out Loud — Mental Health Consulting & Creatives, a unique service promoting mental health and wellness in workplaces and life in general.

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Martina Kelades, founder, Life Out Loud Mental Health & Creatives. Photo: Life Out Loud

Martina’s roots are grounded in sharing stories that have been silenced to serve communities and individuals in living a life on purpose — using various platforms to tell life stories to educate and support personal awareness for individual and organizational mental health and wellness.

Through her struggles with mental health, particularly related to burnout, anxiety and depression, Martina committed to using her pain as her pulpit — creatively expressing her experiences using personal narratives to normalize mental health conversations and encourage emotional wellness — this was the birthplace of Life Out Loud.

Martina holds a Human Services Diploma in Addictions Counselling from NSCC and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology Concentration (Hons) at Mount Saint Vincent University.

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