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Photo: RDNE Project/Pexels
Photo: RDNE Project/Pexels
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Find new customers parts 4 and 5: How to speak to your shop's niche


Once you've put together your vintage buyer persona, you'll find it easier to speak directly them. We cover how in our seven-part series on finding new customers inside the Vintage Sellers Community

Earlier in our seven-part Find new customers series, we created an example of a customer persona that can help to establish a target audience.

Another way to look at target audiences is through a process called "niching down."

Niching down accepts that most markets are too large and too saturated, and that in order to stand out, you need to "find your people." These are the potential customers who identify with you and your brand.

Let's look at another example. Say you sell vintage and pre-loved baby and kids’ clothes.

Your target audience would not be “anyone who is shopping for secondhand baby clothes.”

While that’s certainly a smaller audience than the much broader “people who are interested in kids’ clothes,” it’s still a massive amount of people.

Attempting to reach so many people means your message may get lost among all of the other vintage shops selling baby clothes, and/or that you don’t actually find the right people who may buy.

So let’s say you sell locally for your vintage baby clothes shop and have met a lot of your customers in person. You’ve noticed something about them after going through the customer persona process. Most of them are first-time parents.

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