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Go back to basics with your marketing by blasting out a press release. Photo: Muhammad-taha Ibrahim/Pexels
Go back to basics with your marketing by blasting out a press release. Photo: Muhammad-taha Ibrahim/Pexels
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Marketing beyond social media: promote your shop with a press release


Tired of just a small percentage of your social media followers seeing your posts? It's time to go back to basics when it comes to marketing. Inside the Vintage Sellers Community, we share how to use a press release to promote your vintage business, and set you up with a free press release template

“Press releases.” Sounds kind of formal and intimidating for a small business like a vintage shop, right?

They don’t have to be!

Press releases are info bulletins. They contain a message about something “newsworthy” that you want to convey to a targeted group of people. Those people may be interested in passing along information about your business to their own audience — if they think it’s relevant.

Relying solely on social media will only get you so far in your marketing distribution strategy as a vintage seller.

Press releases are just one more marketing tool for your toolbelt — and they can be a hugely important one. Getting mentioned in the media can do wonders for your business: more exposure, more followers, more customers.

Why would a seller want to write a press release?

  • To promote an event or market that you are hosting
  • To notify the public about a change (a shop launch, a relaunch, a new product line or service, a merger, an award win)

What can sending a press release do for me as a seller?

If a reputable news outlet, content distributor or organization picks up your press release, it is a free promotion for your business. They may run your release as is, or summarize it.

Either way, sending a press release is a step to getting your shop in front of a) niche audiences that are directly relevant to you, and/or b) general audiences who may not know about you. In either case, those audiences are filled with potential customers.

Working with the media doesn’t have to be scary. In most cases, especially in the business-to-business world, the media is there to help their audiences find the most relevant information.

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