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Head into 2024 armed with 170+ dates and hundreds of content ideas. Photo: Lany-Jade Mondou/Pexels
Head into 2024 armed with 170+ dates and hundreds of content ideas. Photo: Lany-Jade Mondou/Pexels
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Slay your social: Our 2024 social media calendar for resellers


Get set for the selling year ahead with the Vintage Sellers Community's social media calendar listing more than 155 events and 600-plus post ideas — all created specifically for vintage and secondhand goods sellers

Ed. note: Our 2023 calendar has been updated for 2024 with additional post ideas!

Coming up with ideas for social media can be challenging! As a seller, building a strong social media presence goes beyond just listing products for sale.

To create a varied social media mix, punctuate your product listings with content that "editorializes" your products and shows them off in new ways. Post some content that educates and inspires your customers, too.

To help with this, we've built a social media content planning calendar to use in 2024. In this calendar, you'll find:

  • 170+ events, starting with New Year's Day
  • Major holidays to be aware of, and to use as selling/content opportunities
  • Other key dates (i.e. national days/retail days/social media holidays) that can be used as selling/content opportunities
  • Brief descriptions for some events for context
  • Several reseller-specific content ideas for each event that you can use (or use as a jumping-off point to create your own), totalling well over 600 ideas
  • Related major hashtags associated with that event

What's the reason for tying your social media marketing to major dates/social media holidays? It's simple: Using the hashtags associated with these dates gets you a wider reach — because, for instance, more people are looking for thrift-related content on National Thrift Shop Day.

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