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10 vintage brass sellers in Canada
Photo: Fat Dachshund

10 vintage brass sellers in Canada


Vintage brass warms up any room and makes a great gift. Here's where to find it

All about that brass? Walk into any vintage decor store or market and brass pieces are pretty easy to find, but we’ve put together a curated list of Canadian sellers who specialize in the stuff.

If you’re looking for the cool and unusual, check out these 10 shops.

Fat Dachshund


Etsy shop

The brass is bountiful at Heather’s Etsy shop, which has operated out of Hamilton, Ont. since 2015. Whether it’s a bevy of brass elephants, cheeky brass fruit (“Top Banana” is a perennial favourite) or a rarer find you’re looking for, keep an eye on Heather’s rotating selection. Visit her “brass home decor” category to find them all in one place. Ships internationally.

Most Fabulous Finds


Brass candlesticks, brass animals, brass objects — the gang’s all here. This seller uses Instagram Guides to highlight what’s currently for sale across a number of categories, including brass. Local pickup in Woodstock, Ont. Ships upon request at buyer’s expense.

Oni and Bau


Etsy shop

Funky brass finds currently on offer from shop owner Bau include a brass clog ashtray and an etched floral trinket box painted with enamel. Brass decor items are always available at this curated vintage, antiques and jewellery shop, sourced from all over Vancouver. Visit Bau’s Etsy store to find all the brass in one place. Ships internationally.

White Blush Home


Etsy shop

Brass and glass are the stars of the show in Hilary’s vintage home decor collection, both on her Instagram feed and Etsy shop. This seller, who’s located in the St. Catharines‑Niagara region in Ontario, hosts live sales on Thursdays and offers open boxes so buyers can add objects over time to save on shipping. Ships internationally.

Brass Stash


Jen brings the brass: browse the stash on her feed or by checking her “Brass Available” story highlights. This Alberta‑based seller maintains the patina on pieces to give buyers the option whether or not to polish. A marvellous selection of minis and smalls delights, as does the wild amount of animals. Look for a frog wearing a crown or a duck rowing a boat? Jen has ‘em. Ships internationally.

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What, These Old Things?



Planters, picture frames, that perfect pièce de résistance — shop owner Brigid has all the brass. You just need to keep an eye on her online auctions and upcoming markets (in Halifax) to get it. Sign up for her email list to hear about auctions as they come up, and you’ll have plenty of time to lock in your best bid for brass. Ships within North America.

The Cat’s Brass Vintage


Etsy shop

It’s right in the name: brass is the game for best friends Hailey and Tennille (and shop mascot Leopold the cat), who are based in West Kelowna, B.C. The duo has curated an enviable brass collection available via their Etsy shop, which currently includes a perpetual calendar, ornate switchplates and other fun finds. Ships internationally.

Fox & Phoenix Vintage


If you bring the brass, shop owner Lesley wants to see it: she started #BrassInABox on Instagram to showcase her fellow collectors’ brass hauls. Lesley stocks an incredible selection herself — brass candlesticks are always a quick seller at her Toronto‑based online shop, and quicker still when they’re a pair of cool‑looking cobras. Ships within Canada.

Pelican Finds


Etsy shop

Bank on finding brass birds at this self‑professed pelican lover’s Saskatoon‑based Instagram and Etsy shops. But there’s plenty of other brass objects too, including fruit, planters and tiny tubs. Search for what’s available on Instagram using the hashtag #pelicanfindsavailable, or using the Brass category on Etsy. Ships internationally.

Decor by the Decade


Keep an eye on this Toronto‑based seller’s feed for, among other fantastic vintage finds, all the beautiful brass: key holders, theatre masks, animals, candlesticks and the ever‑elusive brass bathtubs. Shop available items using the hashtag #decorbythedecade. Ships within Canada.

Any favourite vintage brass sellers? Let us know in the comments!

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