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6 vintage and pre-loved book shops in Canada
Photo: LuveWantShop

6 vintage and pre-loved book shops in Canada


From the smell of the pages to the well-worn, well-loved covers, a vintage book is history in your hands. Here are six places to find vintage books

Whether you’re looking for a rare first‑edition or some cool coffee‑table books to style a shelf, check out these Canadian bibliophiles for vintage volumes. They say don’t judge a book by its cover — but in this case, it’s okay if you do!

Love + War Books



Buy a custom book bundle tailored to your interests from this Toronto‑based seller, who can sometimes be found at the Parkdale Vintage & Collectibles Market.

Need a nice set of Nancy Drew novels or perhaps a well‑worn copy of Crime & Punishment to add to your shelfie? Shop owner Dee stocks a wide range of vintage books spanning fiction, art, design and history.

And if you’re looking for more nostalgia in the form of vintage knitting patterns, check out their sister shop @nostalgiarules. Free local pickup and delivery. Ships worldwide.

Colour Me Vintage Books



Brighten up your bookshelf with a book bundle sold by colour. This Toronto‑based collector creates eye‑pleasing stacks of vintage and out‑of‑print spines in complementary shades for colour‑loving clients, design buyers, set decorators and home stagers.

While most of shop owner Kate’s inventory ranges from 40 to 100 years old, every book is still readable. Five per cent of sales go to the Children’s Book Bank in Toronto. Free local pickup but ships worldwide.

Sorensen Books



Rare and vintage books are the specialty at this bricks‑and‑mortar bookstore in Victoria, B.C.

Recent acquisitions include a set of The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen novels, coffee‑table books chronicling Scandinavian interiors and a smartly illustrated edition of Andersen’s Fairy Tales. Ships worldwide.

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Little Esme’s Bookstore

Ed. note June 2023: This shop has permanently closed.

Literary little ones will love the pre‑loved and vintage books at this Brampton, Ont.–based shop that caters to kids. Shopkeeper Fydez offers a curated selection of children’s tomes as well as secondhand wooden toys.

Little Esme’s is just but one vintage venture by Fydez — she also runs a pre‑loved clothing shop at @flightoffancygirl.



Books are just one of the offerings at Regina’s Toronto‑based vintage decor shop, but she frequently features volumes on art, design and history in her regular story sales.

Whether you choose a book about 1970s Ontario landmarks, a catalogue of Monet paintings or a vintage set of Shakespeare’s complete works, her picks are sure to make your shelf styling that much more visually appealing. Free local delivery on items over $50.

North’s Vintage


Well cared‑for antique hardcovers, music biographies and flora and fauna encyclopedias are part of this Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. seller’s ever‑rotating library.

There’s plenty of decor and small furniture available at North’s Vintage too, so you can find a chic resting place for your new old books. Local pickup and ships within North America.

What are your favourite vintage and pre-loved book shops? Let us know in the comments!

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