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8 1980s vintage sellers to follow
Photo: RDNE Stock Project/Pexels

8 1980s vintage sellers to follow


Most sellers stock ’80s items these days, but here are a few to get you started in your search

Embrace the ’80s. From pastel paradise to lacquered luxury, the ’80s aesthetic bridges Gen X to Gen Z.

Many sellers stock goods from the ’80s. Here, we’ve put together a curated list of a few vintage clothing and furniture sellers that have an excellent rotation of items.

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Papa Love Vintage | Toronto, ON

276 Carlaw Ave., Toronto, Ont.


Kez Garber’s vintage collection is cool, casual and genderless, with a ton of ’80s styles to choose from on a regular basis. Acid-washed denim, boxy blazers, bright floral shirts, shiny windbreakers and grandpa knits nail the 1980s vibes. Local pickup at their in-studio shop in Leslieville, where Garber hosts occasional pop-up markets with local businesses, or in-person shopping by appointment.

Portrait of the seller looking directly into the camera while wearing a blush pink jacket with wide shoulders and heavy brass buttons on top of a black brazier and acid-wash denim jeans with a brass chain belt.
Papa Love Vintage founder Kez Garber. Photo: Papa Love Vintage

Kollection by Irie | Vancouver, BC


Kollection by Irie’s Instagram-only shop is an oasis of calm. Making the most maximal of all eras look minimal is not easy, but the best of ’80s neutrals are here: natural stone consoles, creamy marble tables, squiggle lamps with beige pleated shades, the palest of peach and pink ceramics. Nationwide shipping available for smalls.

HG Vintage | Calgary, AB

720 17th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alta.



Eighties, ’90s and 2000s streetwear keep this shop top of mind for Calgary vintage lovers. Neon windbreakers with geometric shapes, concert T-shirts and a steady supply of sports and school sweatshirts make HG a good resource for all things ’80s. Shop in-store or online. Shipping within North America.

Third Eye Vintage | Hamilton, ON



The pieces at this online shop are bright and know no bounds when it comes to the ’80s pizzazz. Even many of the ’90s fits have that ’80s energy, so you can’t go wrong if you are looking to give a nod to the decade that defined Gen X. Tropical and abstract patterned button-down shirts are a staple. Ships globally.

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Moonshine Vintage | Toronto, ON


If it’s 1980s decor you’re after, Jodi has you covered. She has an excellent eye: Art Deco Revival vases (some even complete with the original silk flowers), jet-black ceramics, plaster plinths, kitschy chip-n-dips, shell lamps — you name it, she’s got it. Local pickup in Toronto, with delivery and shipping available for a fee.

ION Vintage | Blandford, NS

5206 Highway 329, Blandford, NS (by appointment)



Founder Laura “Lulu” Healy is equally drawn to clothing that is ethereal, bold or otherwise special. Eighties-era jackets, blazers, blouses and suits are in the regular rotation at her East Coast online shop. Some standouts: an ’80s-passing emerald green suede short suit from the 1990s, and the vintage IZOD below.

LYC Vintage | Toronto, ON


Chrome, black lacquer, brass and glass — LYC (Love Your Chaos) got the memo on the 1980s craze. Whether travertine side table or cascading wave lamp, everything you need to embrace the ’80s decor trend is available through this Toronto-based online shop, so get to browsing the rad finds. Ships globally.

Vintage Hut Furniture | Toronto, ON



There’s no way to curate a 1980s vintage list without Vintage Hut Furniture. The Toronto-based shop has acquired and sold a prolific number of dreamy ’80s furniture and decor pieces in all their lacquered and laminated glory. The shop has gotten so popular over its short life (owner Moza started it in May 2019) that pieces sell out very quickly, so watch Instagram stories closely. Ships globally.

What are your favourite 1980s vintage shops? Let us know in the comments!

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