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Introducing The Vintage Seeker
Photo: Bruno Silva/Pexels

Introducing The Vintage Seeker


Welcome to The Vintage Seeker, an online magazine for the vintage buying and selling community in Canada

“What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi

If you’re already an avid vintage lover, you probably identify with the above quote. And if you’re just getting interested in the world of vintage and resale, you’ll come to understand what it means soon!

While it’s pretty unlikely Rumi was reflecting on buying and selling secondhand items, his words very much apply to this industry.

On that note: I use the words “industry” and “market” interchangeably when it comes to the sale of secondhand goods — while I recognize “industry” generally means the manufacture of new goods, it has important connotations and I think better captures the hard work and labour involved in reselling.

Anyway, back to seeking. As much as people who love shopping for vintage and antiques are all seeking “that thing” to add to our homes or wardrobes, those “things” are also looking for us to find them. They need new homes, and new people to breathe life back into them. We become their caretakers during the time that they’re in our possession.

It’s more than “that thing,” though — what people who love vintage are really seeking is that feeling. It might be a sense of home, a nostalgic memory, a feeling of belonging, a calling to shop sustainably, or just the warm fuzzies you get when you’re in the presence of something that was well designed, well made or once well loved.

A vintage seeker, then, is someone who seeks not just a product, but a feeling.

Vintage seekers love the thrill of the hunt. They are the custodians of the past. They are the keepers of stories long forgotten.

What is The Vintage Seeker?

The Vintage Seeker is a way to further that sense of feeling. It’s an online hub that connects vintage resellers, dealers and thrifters in Canada with people who are interested in shopping secondhand. We also advocate for the vintage and resale industry through reporting on best practices and educational content for consumers.

Put it this way: Resellers are seeking new customers — and a way to share insight with other dealers on business successes and challenges. And vintage lovers are seeking sellers to follow, as well as trusted information to make informed shopping choices. And the entire community is seeking a place to come together to discuss their passion.

At thevintageseeker.ca, we bring together stories on the vintage industry, as well as tips and tricks, resources, news and events, and market insight. New content is posted regularly.

We cover everything you need to know about not only vintage buying and selling, but also how to curate a vintage-inspired lifestyle. You’ll learn where to shop for vintage in cities across Canada, the history of design movements and new trends, and how both full-time sellers and side hustlers are working in the industry to grow their businesses.

And it doesn’t stop there — we’re posting regularly on Instagram @the.vintage.seeker. Follow us for exclusive content, and a chance to comment and connect with our vintage-loving community.

Who is behind The Vintage Seeker?

That’s me! I’m Kristina, an editor, business journalist and lover of vintage. I started The Vintage Seeker as a way to bring the Canadian vintage community together and to help sellers further the business of vintage.

Interest in vintage and thrift shopping has grown over the past several years. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many new sellers joining the scene, and they’re learning from longtime vintage and antiques dealers with extensive knowledge. It all makes for an exciting niche market.

A portrait of the author in her dining room decorated with vintage pieces and a large tropical wallpaper.l
Kristina Urquhart. Photo by Sarah Palmer

A bit more about me: I love design and pop culture, particularly from the 1920s-1980s. I’m also a homebody who loves to cook and host friends and family (outside of pandemic times), especially if those get-togethers have themed menus.

The focus of this website is the industry, but you’ll get to know me a bit more through editorials and our newsletters. You can find out more information about me, and The Vintage Seeker, on the About page or the FAQ page.

I’ll leave you with one more quote (adjusted for a more inclusive pronoun).

“The seeker always finds what [they seek] simply because of constant attention and perseverance.” – Anonymous

Happy seeking!

If you have a vintage business or story pitch, read our submission guidelines.

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