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Join us for the Reseller Series: The Business of Cyclical Fashion
Photo: Lany-Jade Mondou/Pexels

Join us for the Reseller Series: The Business of Cyclical Fashion


Level up your brand with our weeklong web series specifically for vintage and secondhand sellers

If you are a new reseller, or an established one looking to grow their business, The Vintage Seeker has partnered with The ReLove Market to deliver an exciting educational series designed to help you level up your brand!

The Reseller Series: The Business of Cyclical Fashion takes place online in the evenings April 18-22, 2022 to coincide with Fashion Revolution Week.

This online event, featuring established sellers in a series of panel discussions, presentations and workshops, will help resellers to enhance their core brand and a create a sustainable approach to their inventory at a time when the fashion industry is in the midst of a revolution.

Event poster featuring a bubble design in hues of indigo, mint, and amber.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Joyce Jebose, Founder, Joyce’s Closet
  • Heather Jansen, Founder, Change is Good
  • Carlie Roberts, Founder, Consign Your Curves
  • Caitlin Varrin, Co-Founder, Lawless Vintage
  • Emilie MacPhail, Founder, Emilie MacPhail Studio
  • Kez Garber, Founder, Papa Love Vintage
  • Cris Herrera, Founder & Sustainable Fashion Stylist, Naturspired
  • Tom Heuver, Co-Owner, From Another
  • Laura Gaucher, Founder, Good Gals Vintage
  • Grace Quinn, Founder, All Things GQ
  • With more to come!

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Attendees will receive:

  • An introduction to cyclical fashion
  • A blueprint to develop and refine their resale business brand in the secondhand, vintage, consignment and thrift space
  • Insight into selling on social media
  • An understanding of sustainable and successful business models
  • Plus: Each session comes with a free workbook or guide with inspiration and direction for long-term planning

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from already-established sellers in Canada about what’s been working for their business. Join us April 18-22, 2022!

Browse the agenda and register here!

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