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Supporting the vintage sector: Check out our new online shop!
We've soft-launched our e-commerce shop — more goodies are on the way! Photo: RDNE Stock Project/Pexels

Supporting the vintage sector: Check out our new online shop!


Find resources for your vintage shop in our new e-commerce store, plus merchandise for vintage lovers is coming soon! 

We’ve launched a new e-commerce shop!

While you won’t actually find vintage and antiques in our online store, you will find resources and products to support the secondhand sector.

For now, we have a handful of items available for sellers, but stay tuned for some fun merchandise on the way for our entire community of buyers and sellers.

So what’s in store? Running a vintage business is about more than just selling fabulous old stuff— it’s about creating an experience for your customers.

We’ve opened this shop to bring you a curated a collection of resources and services to help do that.

Here’s what you’ll find so far:

Educational resources

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, get organized or get inspired? Dive into one of our bundles such as “Tax & Finance Fundamentals for Sellers in Canada” and “Branding Basics for Sellers.”

These packs are curated with some of the best content that’s available to members of the Vintage Sellers Community, delivered a la carte. Or spend 90 minutes with veteran vintage dealer Ian Drummond learning about vintage rentals.

Shop owner consultations

Spend 30 or 60 minutes picking the brain of Kristina Urquhart, editor of The Vintage Seeker. She’s a longtime vintage buyer and just so happens to be like your vintage bestie — she talks with hundreds of shop owners like you every year and communicates your messages to consumers.

Because of her ongoing work with the reselling community, Kristina knows what other shop owners are doing. She’s seen what works and uses a buyer lens to identify opportunities to talk directly to your customer.

Get resources to level up your resale shop

Check out our online store

But she also knows no two vintage businesses are alike. She’ll offer you personalized insight, inspiration and a value-packed deep-dive on your shop centred around customer experience, online discoverability, social media, content, branding and more.

Community memberships

Join our vibrant community of vintage, antiques and secondhand sellers and gain access to expert guidance for your shop with the Vintage Sellers Community.

Success isn’t just about the fab vintage you sell — it’s about how you sell it.

The VSC brings you the support and resources you need as a vintage entrepreneur, from SEO advice to negotiation tactics to finance help, and it’s set up for seasoned and new sellers to interact, connect and share in a safe, supportive environment.

Fun fact: If you join the VSC, you get shop owner consultations and access to all of the content in our bundles, plus tons more, in perpetuity! No need to purchase separately.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your marketing strategy, optimize your operations, expand your customer base, or just talk vintage and secondhand, our shop will have something for you — and there’s more to come.

Your support allows us to keep publishing content to bring more visibility to the vintage and resale sector. Find other ways to support our work here.

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