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Vintage sellers: Research participants wanted by Feb. 17
Photo: Alina Skazka/Pexels

Vintage sellers: Research participants wanted by Feb. 17


Ontario engineer seeking research participants for project

An Ontario-based engineer who is working on a potential software solution specific to vintage resellers is seeking research participants to interview.

The Vintage Seeker is assisting this engineer with finding research participants.

“Based on conversations I’ve had, I believe vintage business owners are underserved from a software tools perspective. I’d love to have a discussion on the biggest pains owners face when running their vintage business,” says the engineer.

“I am looking to create a software solution to these problems to better support your businesses — whether that is increasing sales, reducing costs, or minimizing time spent on non-value adding activities.”

Lending your voice in the early stages of these types of projects is the best way to influence a solution that could solve your biggest challenges.

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In exchange for participating in the research, the following discounts will be applied should the platform be created:

Sellers who participate in research: 25% discount on first month's platform fee;

All Vintage Sellers Community (VSC) members: 50% discount on first month’s platform fee regardless of participation;

VSC members who are also interview participants or platform-testing participants: 50% discount on first three months' platform fee; and

VSC members who are also interview participants and platform testing participants (alpha/beta, etc.): 50% discount on first four months’ platform fee.

If you’re a vintage reseller and interested in participating, or if you have additional questions, please contact hello@thevintageseeker.ca before Feb. 17.

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