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Vintage selling and shopping tips from The ReLove Market
Photo: RF._.studio/Pexels

Vintage selling and shopping tips from The ReLove Market


Shoppers and sellers converge at a vintage market — here are The ReLove Market founder Sarah Little's top tips for each

As founder of The ReLove Market event series, Sarah Little knows a thing or two about vintage and consignment clothes.

In addition to finding up-and-coming and established vendors to exhibit at her markets, Sarah offers “closet cleanses,” where she’ll comb through a client’s wardrobe to reimagine, repurpose and donate items. She also helps vintage vendors with their social media strategy and brand development.

Here, she shares her top tips for vintage vendors and shoppers. Read more about The ReLove Market here.

Sarah’s selling tips for vendors

1. Be invested in your inventory.

“The people that get the most out of the market experience are the ones that are really invested in their pieces. Be able to stand behind what you're selling,” she says. “That helps so much — because it's very much about passing along an experience to somebody else.”

2. Bring your personality.

“The people who are chatty not only with the customers, but with the other vendors, are the most successful,” Sarah says. “You're selling yourself and you're selling your experience. And really, you’re selling your two cents on style.”

3. Network, because you don’t know where it might lead.

“I’ve got this little group of ReLove rock stars — they do not miss a market. They do the full weekend, but they also have a life together now,” Little says. “They have done side markets and they have little events and they are spreading the ReLove message outside of the market.”

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Sarah’s Shopping Tips for Seekers

1. Look in your closet first.

“Understanding what's in there can help you wear things more,” Sarah says. “When I do closet cleanses, I organize it so you can see everything. It brings light back to these pieces that were tucked away in the back.”

2. Make a list.

“Have in your head an idea of what you're looking for or what it is that your closet is missing. Everyone's got their staples, so if you're looking for certain pieces it's so much easier to shop with intention than it is to flail around in a store because that's where you might overspend,” she says.

3. Be intentional.

“There is something to be said about overconsumption in secondhand. We don't want that either — we want people to think of what they have as enough and work with what they've got,” Sarah says. “Don't be buying just because it's cheap. Buy what you need, buy what works for you. Shop with intention.”

4. Go slowly.

“Vintage shopping is very much like being a record owner — it is a very time-consuming and very involved hobby, but so worth it because you do walk away with such beautiful pieces,” she says. “So take your time.”

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