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Workshop: Join us June 18 to learn about improving metrics for your vintage e-commerce shop
Join us June 18 for a session on improving KPIs for your vintage e-commerce shop. Photo: Thirdman/Pexels

Workshop: Join us June 18 to learn about improving metrics for your vintage e-commerce shop


E-commerce expert and Encircled founder Kristi Soomer joins the Vintage Sellers Community June 18 for a session on creating strategies for growth in your vintage web shop

So you've got a web shop for your vintage or resale store, or you're thinking about opening one.

Or maybe you had one and it didn't go so well and you want to learn some new strategies for a future effort.

How do you translate all your hard work photographing, listing and setting up the shop on the back end to improve revenue and ultimately profit?

We're excited to welcome Kristi Soomer, an e-commerce expert who scaled her business from a $20,000 startup to seven figures in revenue in under three years, to the Vintage Sellers Community to give us some helpful strategies for e-commerce growth.

Setting Goals & Crushing KPIs in Your E-Commerce Shop

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

12 pm ET/9 am PT

On June 18, slow-fashion entrepreneur and e-commerce coach Kristi Soomer will join the Vintage Sellers Community for an strategy session designed to improve your vintage shop's website discoverability.

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Kristi is a passionate entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Encircled, a Certified B Corporation and direct to-consumer e-commerce brand in the slow fashion industry since 2012.

With a background in management consulting and supply chain management, Kristi's led Encircled to be known for ethical production and eco-friendly materials.

She also runs kristisoomer.com, where she coaches emerging e-commerce entrepreneurs, offering resources to scale businesses sustainably through online education, a podcast, and a community platform.

Kristi's work inspires a shift towards more conscious consumption and business, and she loves helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs take their businesses from early-stage success in e-commerce to consistent scaling and growth.

Kristi Soomer, founder and CEO, Encircled. Photo courtesy Kristi Soomer

What to expect in this session:

  • Why KPIs (key performance indicators) matter
  • Your e-commerce growth formula
  • Setting goals and translating those into actionable targets (traffic, revenue, conversion rates, AOV)
  • Understanding key metrics, and high-level strategies to implement to improve each metric in your online resale shops
  • How to manage metrics among all the other parts of your business
  • Tactics to use those metrics to improve profit and revenue & tools to help

Join us over your lunch, breakfast or break and bring your questions for Kristi!

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