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A strong brand voice can help you stand out in a crowded resale market. Photo: Ömer Tosun/Pexels
A strong brand voice can help you stand out in a crowded resale market. Photo: Ömer Tosun/Pexels
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What is brand voice and what does it do for my vintage shop?


Every touchpoint a buyer has with your shop is part of an overall brand experience. We explore what that can mean for your business inside the Vintage Sellers Community

Does it feel like you’ve been climbing uphill with your shop, especially when it comes to pushing out your products and information on social media or your website?

We’ve heard in our past social media sessions that consistency is important — and while that can extend to scheduling, it also means consistency in how you present your shop.

You might think that you don’t have a “brand” as a small shop, but you definitely do! Your brand is what people know you for, and it's way more than your visual look.

At the centre of the brand is your brand voice.

Brand voice informs your:

  • Customer experience
  • Your communications
  • Your visual look

Discovering and developing your brand voice is a process that requires some thoughtful consideration and effort — but it also helps to drive your business forward.

It’s never too late to work on your brand voice. It’s not something that needs to be done when you first start your business. And you will continue to refine it over time as your customer changes.

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