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Workshop: Join us Oct. 16 for your 12-month vintage shop marketing plan
Marketing goes beyond social media. Find out how to promote your shop at our Oct. 16 workshop. Photo: Lany-Jade Mondou/Pexels

Workshop: Join us Oct. 16 for your 12-month vintage shop marketing plan


Marketing consultant and coach Kelsey Reidl joins the Vintage Sellers Community Oct. 16 to share strategies to promote your vintage or resale shop ahead of Black Friday — and beyond

Do you want to head into the busy holiday selling season feeling a little more organized when it comes to all the promotions you have to do for your shop?

The last couple months of the year are crucial for vintage sellers from a sales standpoint. What if you had a marketing plan heading in — a plan that could carry you through the following months, too?

On Oct. 16, Kelsey Reidl, a professional marketing consultant for small businesses, a top-rated marketing and entrepreneurship coach in Canada and host of the Visionary Life podcast will join the Vintage Sellers Community to chat with members about marketing strategies for the next year.

Before striking out on her own as a consultant, Kelsey worked for 10 years as a marketing manager for health food companies and has expertise in online and offline marketing.

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She's cultivated a wealth of knowledge through hands-on experience in the corporate and coaching worlds (she's delivered marketing training for Bumble, Staples, Salesforce, Google, Yahoo! Finance and the Female Startup Club) and through studying with world-renowned online marketing experts.

Kelsey Reidl

Now, it's her mission to ensure that every entrepreneur and small business owner — especially those in the retail, lifestyle and wellness spaces — understand the importance of marketing and feels confident in their business growth strategies.

In this session, called Marketing for Black Friday — and the Next 12 Months, Kelsey will cover:

  • The role that marketing plays in growing your vintage business & attracting new customers — and why you shouldn't be afraid to sell yourself and your business
  • The myth of the “one size fits all” approach and what to do instead
  • How to plan out a 12-month marketing strategy that feels fun and authentic to your shop, starting right away with your most pressing months: November/December
  • Actionable ideas to take with you into the Black Friday/holiday season

Bring your questions for Kelsey!

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