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Workshop: Join us Mar. 31 for Product Photography Using Natural Light
Great product photos can give your shop a leg up. Photo: Dmitriy Zub/Pexels

Workshop: Join us Mar. 31 for Product Photography Using Natural Light


Reem the Visual Artist joins the Vintage Sellers Community Mar. 31 for a tutorial on shooting product images using natural light — no fancy equipment required

You don’t need fancy lighting setups to take great product photos for your e-commerce shop or social media page.

Let that vintage pottery or vintage jacket shine by using natural light to your advantage. There are some best practices to using natural light, though — and we’re excited to share them with you at our upcoming event in the Vintage Sellers Community!

Product Photography Using Natural Light

Friday, March 31, 2023

2 pm ET/12 pm MT/11 am PT

Level up your product photography for social media, your e-marketplaces or your website in this crash course with award-winning photographer Reem the Visual Artist, director of the Canadian Photography Learning Centre (CPLC) based in Edmonton and Calgary, Alta.

Reem is a visual artist and educator with over 13 years of teaching experience. She is the owner and one of the instructors at the CPLC, a small business that offers photography classes and workshops to aspiring photographers and hobbyists.

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The CPLC's teaching philosophy is very practical with small hands-on classes and creative workshops taught by extremely knowledgeable instructors. Reem is also half of the photography duo Martina + Reem.

Reem the Visual Artist standing in field of flowers
Reem the Visual Artist. Photo courtesy the artist

Reem is going to walk us through the basics of producing product photography with natural light: where to place your subject, how to soften light to avoid hard shadows, where to place backgrounds to have more blur and what phone mode settings to use.

Bring your questions for Reem!

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