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Photo: furkanfdemir/Pexels
Photo: furkanfdemir/Pexels
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Find new customers part 6: How to evaluate the resale market


Research the market landscape and determine your shop's unique positioning in our seven-part series on finding new customers inside the Vintage Sellers Community

Previously in this series, we discussed what a target audience is, how to research your customer and build a persona, and using all of this information to speak to your customer.

It doesn’t matter if you run a hobby vintage shop or a full-time venture — if you are looking for new customers, knowing who they might be, what they might be looking for, why they might be looking for it, and where they spend their time are all important.

We’ve drilled down pretty far on the who, what and why, so now we’re going to zoom out and look at the where — the overall market.

A good understanding of what’s already out there in the market gives us a better picture of where we might find those customers!

Research other shops

To do that, we need to look at who else is operating in the market and how they are doing it. Of course we are about #communityovercompetition — so while others might refer to this as “evaluating ‘competitors,’” we’re not going to use that term.

Even if you’re a vintage record shop and there are 30 other vintage record shops in your province or state, each one has their own unique selling point.

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